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Divorce Lawyers Perth

Some Important considerations you Need to Look for filing a divorce petition

“A relation is made by two who have faith in and live by the solemn commitment they made.”

It’s a beautiful saying. Marriage is a beautiful union, where two come together and share their dreams and later exchange their thoughts. It’s like a living a beautiful dream. But sometimes the situation got worse, and dreams got shattered.  Marriage and relationship turned into a form of vain and pain. But still, continue with the same relationship and keep giving another chance after one upon one failure.

But why to live in pain? Why waste your emotions of the person who didn’t deserve it. It’s like hurting yourself for the individual who did not care about you. So quite from the relationship and enjoy your life after all life is so beautiful then why to waste it in tears.

For Filing A Divorce Litigation

For filing divorce litigation, you need to take help from a divorce solicitor Perth, and we are here to help you. As filing a petition is not easy, there are many things that you need to be managed and taken proper care.

Important consideration for filing a divorce petition

When you are going to separate, you should need to look after various matters like

  • Property settlement
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Children custody
  • Children support
  • Parenting agreements
  • Child relocation
  • De facto family law

What You Need To Do

Divorce Lawyers PerthYou need to book an appointment with divorce lawyers Perth. You can visit our website and fill an appointment form. Or you can schedule an appointment with the phone call. You can talk about the situation to our legal advisor, and we assure you that your whole matter will be considered confidential and your details would not be shared with anyone. After the telephonic assessment, you can book an appointment with our lawyers. At the meeting, our solicitor will tell to all possible action that you can take and advise you what you should do in the situation.  

We offer a free consultation and don’t charge anything for it because our prime motto is to help you.

Our divorce lawyers are specialised in following matters.

De facto relationship

If you are in a de facto relationship than family court will consider the following factors like length of relationship, for how long you lived together, whether it was a sexual relationship, is there any extent of any financial dependence and is there any degree of mutual commitment to share a life.

Our divorce solicitors Perth are having the solution to your every question. You just need to book a free appointment and discuss the details with our experts.

Same-sex family law

Every citizen has right to live his life with his choice. Our law says to give full respect and freedom to the same sex family. So as we also. We believe that sexual orientation should not interfere with a person right. We gave full support in same-sex family matters. Our lawyers will advise you about your legal rights.

Child Custody Parenting Agreement

Children are like flowers when a separation take place, our divorce lawyer in Perth is always there to protect them. We try that children should have a meaningful relationship with both parents and they receive adequate and proper parenting.

Our divorce lawyer Perth ensures that your children and their emotion won’t get hurt in divorce or custody case.

Divorce lawyers, Perth team, wishes you a happy life, the journey has just begun

Divorce Lawyers Perth

Its Always Better To Get Divorce Then Staying in a Unhappy Marriage

“Marriages are made in heaven” is a very famous quote, but in today’s world, it’s tough to agree with the quote. As no one is perfect, but we always search for perfection, sometimes we find it easy to live with a person for the rest of your life, but sometimes it becomes impossible to live with the person with whom you have married.

Divorce Lawyers PerthSo, we would just say that marriages are not heaven, but neither in hell, it’s you and your partner, who makes a wedding in hell or heaven. In the wedding, two people are supposed to live each other dreams and fulfil it, but sometimes they ruined each other by being together, they destroy each other‘s vision and freedom. So in this situation Separation is the best remedy. However, many people feel that it is not a remedy, it’s a tragedy.

Okay, I remember a quote, once said by Jennifer Wiener, who is the best-selling author:-

“Divorce isn’t such a misfortune.Misfortune is remaining in an unhappy marriage, showing your kids the wrong things about love.”

I hope now all you have understood if marriage is an important decision of our life than sometimes Separation may be a better decision of our life rather than staying in an unhappy marriage.

So we Divorce lawyers Perth always welcome and respect your decision. We, divorce lawyers at Perth has a dedicated team of lawyers who are ready to help for seven days in a week.

Service We Offer

We practice in areas of de facto and matrimonial family law. We take care of the all issue regarding children’s matter, spousal, and partner maintenance, child relocation cases, adoptions, and divorce.

Our divorce lawyers Perth are always ready to help you. We will draft your divorce agreement taking care of all matters regarding child custody, property settlement, and spousal maintenance.

We have dedicated the team of divorce lawyers Perth who are expert in dealing with:-

Divorce law

This is termination of marriage. Divorce is only have granted if you both are living separated for 12 months. After 12 months of separation, you can file your application.

Parenting Matters

When a relationship breaks down and divorce happens than property settlement is not the only factor, parenting issues also very important. Each parent is presumed by the court to have equal rights. So both parents must consult each other and if still, the things remain unsolved than our divorce lawyers will help

We understand that each and their circumstances are different from each other, so a single solution will not work for all. We gave advice after considering the whole situation.